Notre Equipe

Margo Bouanchaud Hayes and Lance Hayes

Our Creative Forces

They function as a team, and always have for the past 30-plus years. If you live in South Louisiana and you like to entertain, all you need to know are the names “Margo and Lance,” and you’re on your way to a spectacularly successful event. Together they bring decades of experience in refined combinations and presentations of delectable foods and flowers. We came to know Margo years ago through her catering business, Unique Cuisine, and now turn to her for discerning services through Margo E. Bouanchaud, Inc. Lance’s corner of the world at Lance Hayes Flowers has been the go-to spot for event planners, brides-to-be, and anyone needing a bouquet pick-me-up on an average day. Our world is brighter because of them!

Margaret Lawhon Schott 

Our Communicator

Television broadcaster, writer, actor, painter, eternal student, Margaret has worn a number of hats through the years, culminating in the realization of a life-long dream with Folie à Trois, which connects her deeply to France and the people who live there. There’s a truism in the world of broadcasting that “the camera never lies,” indicating the undeniable fact that genuineness and passion cannot be faked. Margaret’s true joy in undertaking this project informs and inspires our team. We hope it does the same for you — our clients, friends and followers everywhere!

Martin A. Schott 

Our Legal Mind

An attorney with a 30-year specialty in bankruptcy law, Martin brings an oft sought-after legal perspective. Both as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee , and Chancellor to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge and the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, Martin calmly and quickly ascertains bottom-line issues that many others miss. On hearing that the name of our new company would be Folie à Trois (craziness among three) he observed, “But there are four of us starting this thing!” To which Margo, Lance, and Margaret responded, “Yes, but you’re not crazy!” Indeed, and thank goodness!

Catherine Evans 

Our Social Media Editor

If we had to identify one individual who embodies our philosophy of utilizing well-crafted, lovely older items to enhance today’s living spaces, it would be Catherine Evans. Cate brings to Folie à Trois a clean-lined, fresh sensibility when it comes to marrying the old and the modern. Her eye for photo composition, art, and placement makes our Instagram and FaceBook venues an ideal fit for her. Cate’s a quick study in the antiques markets, with spot-on judgment for winning purchases!

Kim Bush 

Our Interactive Media/Marketing Coordinator

In today’s evolving economic environment, savvy and responsible use of technology is essential to business success, and Kim Bush is nothing short of indispensable to the Folie endeavor. A true New Orleanian, Kim grew up immersed in the food, art, music and rich culture of the Crescent City. She adds her own free-spirited pizzazz to her broad knowledge of “all things tech,” as web designer and administrator for Folie à Trois. In her words, “I am ecstatic to be part of this dynamic crew!”

Folie’s Unseen Framework

Our Retail Consultant, Our Copy Editors, Our Style Consultants

Simply put, we couldn’t do it without them! Despite our best efforts to entice them to put names and faces on their vital roles in our endeavor, they have chosen to remain anonymous on our webpages. As we honor that request, we would be remiss to omit them from our list of team members. Thank you, dear ones, for your enthusiasm for Folie à Trois, for your patience as we forge our way, and for your generosity in sharing your unique gifts. You make our jobs easier, our lives richer, and our journey together so much more fun!

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