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Decembre, 2021
December, 2021

For the Folie team, this season is all about books! From classic children’s stories, to new recipes to explore and tweak to our palates, to “take-me-away” thrillers, here’s our list of favorites for Holidays, 2021.


Santa Calls by William Joyce
An invitation to the North Pole by none other than Santa himself beckons the hero of this delightful tale, written and illustrated by Louisiana native Bill Joyce. Joyce’s talent for a deft turn of words and his amazing artistic abilities make this story a perfect gift for all ages and a prized keepsake in your own library.
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
We know the story by heart, yet its message never fails to captivate and uplift — the possibility that even the most surly, unloveable characters can find a new, kinder lease on life, all thanks to the visits of three spirits one fateful Christmas Eve. Here’s to Ebenezer Scrooge once again this holiday season!
The Greatest Gift, a Christmas Tale by Philip Van Doren Stern
You may not know this book, but you’ve surely heard of the movie it inspired—the 1946 Christmas blockbuster “It’s a Wonderful Life.” This short story, loosely based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol packs entertainment and inspiration into 43 short pages, leaving us wholeheartedly believing that protagonist George Bailey truly was “the richest man in town.”


The Vegetable Butcher by Cara Mangini
As many of us have begun to embrace a more plant-based diet (at least some of the time) we recommend this detailed, step-by-step tutorial/cookbook as a starting point. Devoted carnivores take note— you may be surprised at how unexpectedly satisfying these veggie-based creations can be!


Anything and everything by David Baldacci!
Do we sound enthusiastic about this best-selling American author? We certainly are and it took just one chapter of his first book to get us hooked! You’ve heard of binge-watching your favorite Netflix series? Baldacci’s books comprise the equivalent rush in the realm of fast-paced story-telling and sheer suspense. His talent for writing a series of novels around the same characters, settings, and risk-laden adventures keeps us coming back for more. We predict you’ll be fans with the first read!