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Le Style Iconique avec Margo & Lance
Iconic Style with Margo & Lance

Automne, 2021
Autumn, 2021

Lance Hayes:  Late last month, just days before Hurricane Ida made landfall on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, Margo and I helped our grandson get ready for his fall semester of college in Paris where he’ll study design and architecture. Not a bad gig, huh? After a lot of commotion and worry about whether or not he would even get to go with Covid still an issue, we waved him farewell at the New Orleans airport and heaved a sigh of relief. Michael’s first photo and text from France told us right away that he was totally fine, with an Aperol cocktail or two at a café table near his new apartment. Can you say, “jealous?!” Our next thought? Now’s the perfect time to redo our guesthouse, aka Michael’s space when he’s with us, just in time for autumn!

Margo Bouanchaud Hayes:  By the time we recovered from helping Michael pack for an entire semester in another country and cleaning up from a major hurricane, we were more than ready to change our interiors. Summer pastels and fresh greens gave way to a deeper palette of jewel tones, embroidered pillow shams, and a nod to some of our more important antique accessories that had been in storage since the really hot weather started. We also added some antique hand-painted prints from our Folie inventory, along with table linens in rich shades of flax and fine cotton.

LH:   Those of you who know us personally, or follow us on Instagram and our Folie website, know that Margo generally takes the lead on where we’re going with color, be it for a particular event or a change of seasons. And our closest friends and associates also know we kind of have our own private “language.” It’s really more a question of exchanging looks with each other about an accessory or a particular placement of furniture, with a few nods and shakes of heads. Before people know it we’re moving couches and rugs, Margo’s pulling out vases and candles. I’m arranging curly willow branches, and bunches of blossoms and herbs. Suddenly we’re on our way to a totally new environment!

MBH:   Yes, we’ve been doing a good bit of renewal indoors and out since the storm, but one thing that’s NOT new is our continuing role as “parents” of Michael’s three dogs while he’s traveling! Ouf! Take his labradoodle, Milo, which he purchased as a puppy while we were in France a few years ago on our first Folie buying trip. We got home and, surprise– dog number three! Milo is adorable but he’s all over the place, and he recently gave fits to Margaret, our friend and Folie colleague when she came by to visit. He wouldn’t leave her alone! We’ve come to think of him as part of our welcoming committee, no matter what the season. Speaking of welcoming autumn, as Lance and I write this, we have a cookbook open to try some new treats with cooler weather in mind. It’s called À Table, Recipes for Cooking + Eating the French Way, by Rebekah Peppler. Our first taste test will be her fabulous-looking XL Gougères. They look delish – can’t wait to sample them, hot out of the oven!