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Le Style Iconique avec Margo & Lance
Iconic Style with Margo & Lance

été, 2021
summber, 2021

Margo Bouanchaud Hayes: Looking for fresh ways to enjoy this laid-back season, even if you’re still not traveling much and staying home? That’s where we are right now, for sure. We think you’ll be surprised, delighted and inspired by our vision for the hot months of 2021! As you know, Lance and I love to complement our antiques and collectibles with natural components from our gardens. I’ll generally come up with an idea for a project and toss it out over coffee in the morning. And don’t think you shouldn’t change your décor and accessories just because you don’t anticipate guests – we ALL need a visual lift when the temperature rises and we need to re-imagine our living spaces!

Lance Hayes: About a month ago, Margo and I were having drinks at the end of a work day and talking about switching out a few things (and don’t be fooled by the term “a few!”) in our house and guest quarters, and she said, “Let’s start with shells. We have some great shell-shaped serving pieces and I can picture a menu around that theme.” That was all it took to get our creativity in gear. I started looking at what was blooming in our yard and available in my cooler and went from there.

MBH: I’m a big collector, as is my mother, Sarita Bouanchaud. In fact I grew up antiquing and shopping with her for YEARS, so I guess it’s in my genes! She and I both love it and Lance does, too. Nothing gives me more pleasure than pulling out stored seasonal pieces that work together around one central idea. Once that’s done, Lance steps in with some unexpected combinations of containers, greenery, you name it. And we only have to look at each other to know what the other one is thinking. How great is that?!

LH: I think summer is one of my favorite times to change the landscape, both outside and inside, don’t you agree, Margo? And you hit a home run with the shell idea. It’s great!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t miss the details in the photos below, from the shell-covered antique boxes and bottles, to shell-shaped servers for frosty beverages, to shell pasta, shell chocolates, and caviar served in—what else but a “coquille” shaped vessel! Enjoy the view, and happy summer everyone!