Le Style Iconique

Le Style Iconique

Le Style Iconique avec Margo & Lance
Iconic Style with Margo & Lance

Spring, 2021
Printemps, 2021

Margo Bouanchaud Hayes: At long last, spring has returned! We welcome days of sunshine, mild temperatures, and colorful blossoms everywhere we look, true inspirations for how we’re creating our “Spring Style” indoors this season. As life-long residents here, the traditions of South Louisiana frame our thinking right now, almost more than any other time of year. Our focus: post-Mardi Gras/Lenten practices of meatless Fridays, pastel colors and soft textures for interiors, and as always, bountiful tables. On one pre-Easter Friday, Lance and I welcomed family members to our French guesthouse for a “seafood charcuterie sampler” featuring boiled jumbo Gulf shrimp, caviar-topped deviled eggs with smoked salmon, vegetable crudités, and seasonal berries. We added a lovely coral-toned rosé wine to our bar to keep the color theme. Our group loved the look and the departure from your typical Friday fish entrées during Lent!

Lance Hayes: Taking cues from Margo’s menu ideas, the color scheme for flowers and decorative items emerged pretty quickly. The pinks, corals, and even stronger orange tones worked perfectly with the fresh foliage available in early spring. An egg theme is one we’ve adapted over the years for events from March through May. Margo’s collection of eggs of all sizes are easy to tuck into table decorations or make stand-alone statements on side tables. If you have the space to store things, it makes sense to keep your eye out for festive items all year long. They’ll look fresh every time you pull them out to use in a new way.

MBH: If I had to pick my favorite thing about this spring look? I think just the whole opportunity to break out of the routine we’ve been in for so long and to lighten up our look. Also, it’s a chance to try new taste combinations. We’ve needed that!

LH: My favorite thing about our “Spring Style”? That’s an easy one for me — the orange tulips! They’re graceful, they’re something you don’t see all year long, and they’re great-looking. I love the idea of little surprises in what we create. Keeps things interesting for our followers AND for us!

January/February 2021

by Margaret Lawhon Schott

They are 30-plus year collaborators in life and “magic makers” when it comes to celebrations, landmark gatherings, and unforgettable events. As we embark on a new calendar year, we are pleased to introduce a new facet to our Folie a Trois website: “Le Style Iconique avec Margo & Lance”/“Iconic Style Tips with Margo & Lance.” Their combined years of creative genius yield the perfect “gumbo” of ideas to share in each upcoming edition of this column. We are delighted to welcome to our pages these two paragons of style in Louisiana’s French decor, cuisine, and lifestyle. Look for visuals and notable entries from Margo and Lance, starting with our upcoming Spring edition.

Now, I ask your indulgence for a moment of personal reflection. As someone fortunate enough to call these two remarkable individuals my dear friends, I can attest that theirs are precious and unique gifts, gifts that not only uplift and enlighten through their professional pursuits but personally cover everything from outrageous and much-needed humor to heart-wrenching examples of dedication to those they love. Here’s a story from our first trip to France together in May of 2017. As a lover of all things French from my earliest memories, I dreamed (and secretly planned) to one day rent a property in France for an extended vacation. That dream became reality in May of 2017 when my husband and I leased a country farmhouse, or “mas,” in Provence for a month, with a train trip to Paris tagged on at the end. Once plans were in place, family members and close friends soon signed up to join us for staggered visits during our French adventure. Uppermost on our list of invited friends were Margo and Lance. The day they arrived at the Marseilles airport, Martin and I loaded up the oversized vehicle we had rented for the duration of the trip, affectionately referred to by our clan as “The Fam Van,” and with our twin goddaughters Margaret and Caroline onboard, we rolled out of our Saint-Rémy enclave toward Marseilles. The drive, by then, was familiar after the various comings and goings of our guests. But my reaction, once we got to the airport, stood alone among these trips— when I saw Margo and Lance standing on the curb with luggage and carry-ons around them, I started to cry. They had arrived. “My people” were with me! During that vacation, I was the sole French speaker among our group of travelers which sometimes numbered as many as ten people in the house at a time. Nine anglophones and one francophone in a rural place where French abounded and English was rare — a true immersion in the language and culture for me and a baptism of fire I wouldn’t trade for the world. It sure made a difference when Margo and Lance got there. Their enthusiasm, their smiles, their sense of adventure, their unbounded talents imbued the trip with new energy and transmitted love and support to me that was simply invaluable. I am eternally grateful to them for so many things, mostly for being constant friends and pillars of faith and support. My hat is off to you, dear ones, and this column is all about you and your “Style Iconique”— an iconic style that we’ll share with you, our followers, clients, and friends around the globe, all starting with our next edition of “Le Style Iconique avec Margo & Lance!” Til then — Santé!