Le Journal




As we all feel the stress and loss of normalcy in our lives from the COVID-19 pandemic, here at Folie à Trois our professional life has, of necessity, taken an unexpected new path, and not an entirely negative one. This year, we had planned two buying trips to France not just one, starting with a week in Provence in early April. But mid-March, as the world began to shut down, we soon realized we needed to get creative in order to stay busy and to keep our young business on track. Social media communication and a new website became our focus. And it’s not lost on us, that just maybe, you wouldn’t be reading this journal entry at shopfolieatrois.com if we had made that anticipated trip to France in April. We are grateful for every step we’re able to take, however small and however awkward it may feel, as we all social distance and struggle with an unknown future. Like so many of you, we’re gardening and cooking as we can, we’re cleaning house, we’re reading, creating art, and reaching out to loved ones near and far. Please watch for updates from us through our journal entries, our short videos, and our photographs, and let us hear from you! Stay safe, everyone!