Le Journal



June/ Juin

Greetings from South Louisiana, where the weather is steamy, the citizens are restless at best, and Hurricane Season 2020 has officially begun! Phase II of our governor’s commercial/medical/social reopening plan is in place statewide. It’s progress, and we’ll take it! In the Folie à Trois creative offices, the atmosphere has been nothing short of electric following the successful launch of our new website last month. We thank each of you who has logged on to give us a look, some feedback, and to subscribe. As we shared with you on our “Coming Soon!” page, we kick-off our online shopping feature this month and are thrilled to offer you that option. Our relationships with you — our clients, vendors, gifted artists, friends and supporters across the globe — both energize and humble us. We’ve had “hits” on the website from people in as far-flung places as New York City and the US East Coast, Texas, Southern California, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Serbia, and South Korea, as well as from francophiles and faithful supporters here in “la Louisiane.” Merci mille fois!

In taking a collective deep breath here at Folie and turning to the work on preparing our June issue, we’ve spent a fair amount of time reflecting on how we got here and who helped pave the way. On one particular afternoon this month, our staff gathered around the conference table and gravitated to the question, “Do you remember where we were when we first met?” The answers were different for each specific relationship, but what quickly became evident was the clarity everyone had about their first encounters with each other years ago, while pursuing varied and disparate career paths. In sometimes astonishing detail, we shared what we remembered about the other, what we had talked about then, and the powerfully positive feelings we had about one another almost immediately. In our minds, it’s no mistake that our team members have found their individual “North Stars” leading them to this new shared endeavor.

In a way, one could argue that in the midst of “the perfect storm” of pandemic fallout worldwide, a perfect collaboration of passions has taken root here, and as we say in the South, “is growing like a weed!” Please join us as we grow together!

See our “Notre Equipe/Our Team” page to meet our staff and to learn more about each of us!