Le Journal



“If you believe in fallin’ rain, home cooked food from mother’s hands; If you don’t overlook all the simple things, oh you best gonna be our friend.”

*As we cross the halfway mark of 2020, it’s more clear than ever that it’s the simple things that sustain us and offer us glimpses of better days to come. This July offers both a time for traditional gatherings with loved ones and individual opportunities to view our most basic blessings with new eyes. A neighbor sharing fresh vegetables from her garden, the unexpected discovery of an old family recipe written by your grandmother, an unhurried moment outdoors listening to the natural world around us — each experience can serve as a healing gift.

This month at Folie, we’ve chosen to shine our spotlight on the gift of food: food as nourishment, as a celebration of meaningful events in our shared lives, and even as an art form. We’ve highlighted recipes and products from France, Ireland, Scotland, and the United States as well as appealing presentations by colleagues and contributors. As summer temperatures invite us to keep things casual and comfortable, our menus and table settings are following suit. White ironstone plates and platters, antique breadboards used as cheese trays, and the warmth of Provençale yellows and lavenders can turn the most humble fare into a modern-day feast. Add to that the uncomplicated joys of captivating books, stirring music, and the unconditional affections of our four-footed friends, and you have nothing short of a simple recipe for joy this July. May we all take the time each day to reset our focus on what we have rather than what we lack, to find balance and calmness in the midst of a chaotic world, and to keep looking forward.

“If you believe in boundless blues that touches dust and will undo, the world rocks shadow and the dawn, the grace, the strength to carry on. “*

*Lyric excerpts from “Shed Your Grace” by Rising Appalachia with Trevor Hall.