Le Journal

Le Journal 2021

Some have likened it to a wildfire burning everything in its path indiscriminately. Others have envisioned it as the perfect storm, taking out all that lies before it. However you view the past year and its epic events — from the ravages of the Covid pandemic to economic and political upheaval to personal losses and the inevitable grieving that ensues, 2020 left many of us feeling untethered and without a map forward. That said, with the ongoing limitations on international travel, the Folie team has accepted the challenge to take a fresh look at ourselves and the world around us from a different perspective: one that involves equal parts courage in the face of uncertainty, trust in ourselves and our abilities, and faith that doors can and will open as we are ready to walk through them. 

Part of the process involves relying on our intuitions and instincts when we truly can’t “see” a path ahead of us, much as a blind person uncovers inventive ways to interpret and experience the world without the benefit of literal vision. In his book, “The Untethered Soul,” author Michael Singer takes us through a similar mental exercise, a tutorial really, in learning how to stay on a steady course when we cannot see what lies ahead of us. He uses the analogy of a sightless person using a white cane while walking along a sidewalk. Singer’s explanation beautifully reveals the true purpose of the cane and the way the person is repeatedly placing it to the left and the right, back and forth as he/she moves forward. It’s not to help the blind person find where he or she SHOULD go, it’s to find where he or she should NOT go — a way to stay on solid ground, and a creative way of “looking at” the process of finding your path during these cloudy times. 

One of the doors that has opened for us involves technology, as is true for many of you, our followers, and clients. With the dawn of 2021, we at Folie à Trois have rededicated our energies to our social media, our Instagram presence, and our newly-opened online shop on our website. Our electronic connections with so many of you are strong and are a lifeline that feeds our passion for what we do. We invite and encourage you to continue spending time with us through these venues, as well as through in-person appointments in our showrooms when possible, while we await a time when we can again share time and space together. As is true after a devastating fire, new life does emerge to revive and inspire us, and we’ll find it if we look for it expectantly. With our “new eyes,” we are starting to see opportunities springing up that weren’t there in the past, or maybe they were waiting there for us all along. Here’s to fresh beginnings and the unquenchable drive to thrive!